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Here is a Complete Guide on How to Sim Unlock your G996U verizon Locked S21 Plus

What will be Needed

-Patched Odin

-Firmware files

-EDL “Emergency Download Mode” cable  ( Watch Video on how to make one or where to buy one)

-EDL Driver for recovery mode

-Flash File for Carrier 

-Not to forget & most of importantly “DO AT YOUR OWN RISK”

What and Why Patched Odin

As a flashing tool, Odin gives you numerous options to both enhance the device possibilities and save from disorders as well. All you have to do is put the handset into download mode and connect to the tool with respective tar entries. With its latest version 3.14.1, you are capable to establish it on Windows and Mac platforms correspondingly.
Anyhow, because of the only flashing tool available to flash tar based stock firmware, it is important know the performance and even how to handle as well important. In addition to its firmware flash support, you can turn the handset permission into root as well

EDL Cable (Watch Video on how to make your own EDL Cable)

What is EDL Mode?

EDL or Emergency DownLoad Mode is a special boot mode in Qualcomm Android devices that allows OEMs to force-flash firmware files. This special mode of operation is also commonly used by power users to unbrick their devices.

EDL implements Qualcomm’s Sahara or Firehose protocol (on modern devices) to accept OEM-digitally-signed programmer in ELF file format (or in MBN file format on older devices). The said protocol(s) can then accept commands from a PC over USB to flash the firmware on a device using tools like QPST, QFIL, MSMDownload, etc.


When in this mode, the device identifies itself as “Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008” over a USB connection.

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