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Suriname discovered by Dick Lock

Tafelberg Expedition Suriname Part 2

The Tafelberg in Suriname is one of the most pristine and unexplored areas on the planet!

This 14 day expedition with 8 passionate expeditioners was performed to explore the top of this tepui Mountain in order to see its potential for ecotourism and to discover and enjoy its amazing variety of wildlife! .

The wildlife, vegetation and geology are absolutely stunning. Being able to share this experience with the most amazing people ever:

Tafelberg is located in the Sipaliwini District in Suriname. It is one of the highest mountains in Suriname at 1,026 meters above sea level.
As part of the Central Suriname Nature Reserve this mountain is 10 kilometers wide, with sides averaging 15 kilometers. It forms the easternmost witness mountain of the Roraima Super group, which is called the Table Mountain Formation in Suriname.

Hope you enjoy the full video of our journey 

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