DREVO X1 Series 60GB SSD 2.5-inch Solid State Drive


Time to dump the biggest hold-up of your computer – HDD,as the X1 SSD will significantly change the whole computing experience you’ve had before. Once you have installed it,there is no going back to an HDD.
Extremely fast, and more responsive than traditional HDD
High endurance — will withstand heavy usage over prolonged period of time
The 60GB version of Drevo X1 SSD has been the perfect choice for storing operating system and necessary applications.It has equipped with MLC flash in order to improve the overall lifetime and reliability.
The biggest benefit from using MLC flash is that the drive would have three times longer endurance than TLC-based drives, and when it comes to low-capacity drives, this becomes extremely helpful.



  • Seq. Read Up to 500 MB/s,Write Up to 90 MB/s.
  • Hynix high quality MLC memory, refresh your aging pcs and laptop.
  • SSD vs HDD Extremely faster boot-up, shutdown, application and game load.
  • Free-Download DREVO Data Migration Software on our Official Website for Easy and Quick Clone of Operating System


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