Onn Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset


The ONN Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset turns your smartphone into a fully immersive virtual reality viewing machine. Simply download your favorite VR game, 3D movie or augmented reality app, place your smartphone into the headset, and snap the protective cover shut. Fully adjustable optical lenses and nylon strap ensure a clear picture and comfortable fit. Fits iPhone, Samsung, and other smartphones with screens up to 6 inches. Universal Fit – fits smartphones with screen sizes up to 6 in Easy to use – open front, insert smartphone, and adjust the fit Find VR apps in the Apple App Store and on Google Play Front-hinge cradle design Padded face guard Adjustable optical focus Adjustable nylon head strap Headphone cable access port


Foam padding that blocks out most external light.
An adjustable nylon head strap for universal comfort.
Compatibility with phones featuring screens of up to 6 inches.
Optical focus and lens customization.
Availability in  pink,  and white.


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