HDMI to VGA hd video converter HDMI in VGA output up to 1080P

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Size: 27cm x 20cm x 6cm (LxWxH)
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Product Description

-HDMI to VGA is a high-definition video HDMI digital signal, can be converted to VGA analog and AUDIO analog audio signal converter, HDMI signal can be docked PS3,       XBOX360, Blu-ray DVD, HD set-top box, VGA output can be docked at home CRT / LED display HDTV TV VGA-IN, projector VGA-IN, etc.
– Use this converter, a computer with VGA output, a laptop, a DVD player, a game console and Some other video devices can be connected to a large HD screen or HD projector     with HDMI input.
-No software support required, plug and play.