An over the sink dish drying rack is a useful kitchen accessory that allows you to dry your dishes directly over your sink. These racks come in a variety of designs and sizes, but they generally consist of a frame that sits over the sink and a set of racks or baskets for holding dishes, utensils, and other kitchen items.

Another benefit of an over the sink dish drying rack is that it allows your dishes to dry more quickly and efficiently. By placing your wet dishes directly on the rack, you can avoid water spots and prevent them from sitting in a puddle of water.

Overall, an over the sink dish drying rack is a convenient and practical solution for drying your dishes in a small kitchen or any kitchen where counter space is at a premium.

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Product Description

Dish Drying Rack Over Sink Kitchen Supplies Storage Shelf Countertop Space Saver Display Stand Tableware Drainer Organizer Utensils Holder Stainless Steel, Black

-Material: 304 stainless steel material, no rusting, long lasting durability, identify the brand “Ctystallove”
-Package Includes: 1 x Dish Rack + 1 x Plate Rack + 1 x Fruit & Vegetable Basket + 1 x Square Basket + 1 x Chopsticks Cage + 1 x Knife Holder + 1 x Chopping Board Rack + 4 x Hooks
-Inside dimension: 32 (L) x 12.6 (W) x 17.3 (H) inches; Outside dimension: 33.5(L) x 12.6 (W) x 20.5(H) inches; The height of the faucet should be ≤ 17.5 inch; The length of the sink should be ≤ 32 inch
-Space-saving: Saves tons of space and time by making it easier to access utensils and supplies,making your kitchen more clean and tidy
-Easy to assemble and very sturdy and durable to hold weight of dishes

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