A wireless LED mouse is a type of computer mouse that connects to your computer without the use of cables or wires. Instead, it uses a USB receiver to communicate with your computer wirelessly. This type of mouse can provide greater freedom of movement and can be a good option if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of cords and cables.

The battery life of a wireless LED mouse can vary depending on the type of batteries used, the frequency of use, and the settings of the mouse. Most wireless mice can last several months on a single set of batteries, but this can vary depending on usage patterns. You can extend the battery life by adjusting the power-saving settings of the mouse, such as the sleep mode, which will cause the mouse to go into a low-power state after a certain period of inactivity.

Wireless LED mice typically have a range of several feet, allowing you to use them from a distance. They also often feature LED lights that provide a bright illumination, which can be useful for working in low-light conditions.

Overall, a wireless LED mouse with a USB receiver can be a convenient and efficient way to navigate your computer without being tethered to your desk by cables or wires. It is a great option for those who value portability and ease of use.

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Size: 12.39cm x 7.59cm x 3.51cm (LxWxH)

Product Description

Led Wireless Mouse, rechargeable Slim Silent Mouse Adjustable for Notebook, PC, Laptop, Desktop

-7 Colorful LED breathing light change alternately, soothing light lights up the mouse in dark, adds more fun to the life.
-Rechargeable Function
It can be easily charged using the included USB cable without replacing the battery. Support charging while using, more energy saving and environmental protection.
-Mute Mouse – Noiseless Click
Silent button reduces 90% noises, which makes it an ideal wireless mouse for office, conference room, cafe, library, bedroom, help you concentrate on your work, study without disturbing others besides you.
-Just 2 hours charging, you can use it about 7-15 days. Standby time is very long, energy-saving features, automatic sleep mode and wake-up mode are installed to save energy. Turn off the mouse LED light when not in use to save power.

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