A LED wireless mouse with a Type-C receiver is a computer mouse that uses LED technology for illumination and connects wirelessly to a computer or mobile phone via a Type-C receiver.

LED technology is commonly used in computer peripherals because it offers several benefits over traditional lighting sources. LED lights are more energy-efficient, longer-lasting, and produce less heat than other types of lighting. Additionally, LED lights can be made in various colors, allowing for customization options.

A Type-C receiver is a small device that plugs into the Type-C port on a computer or mobile phone, allowing the wireless mouse to communicate with the computer or mobile phone. Type-C is a newer type of USB connector that is becoming more common on modern devices because it is smaller, faster, and reversible, meaning it can be inserted in either orientation.

Overall, a LED wireless mouse with a Type-C receiver provides a convenient and efficient way to interact with a computer without the clutter of wires.

The battery life of an LED wireless mouse with a Type-C receiver can vary depending on several factors such as the type of battery used, the frequency of use, and the type of activities the mouse is used for.

Generally, an LED wireless mouse can last for several weeks or even months on a single set of batteries. Some models may offer extended battery life features, such as an automatic sleep mode that conserves power when the mouse is not in use.

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Size: 12.39cm x 7.59cm x 3.51cm (LxWxH)

Product Description

Led Wireless Mouse, 2.4G Portable USB Optical Wireless Computer Mouse with USB Receiver and Type C Adapter Adjustable for Notebook, PC, Laptop, Desktop,Android, Iphone, Ipad, Tablet

-7 Colorful LED breathing light change alternately, soothing light lights up the mouse in dark, adds more fun to the life.
-Rechargeable Function
It can be easily charged using the included USB cable without replacing the battery. Support charging while using, more energy saving and environmental protection.
-Mute Mouse – Noiseless Click
Silent button reduces 90% noises, which makes it an ideal wireless mouse for office, conference room, cafe, library, bedroom, help you concentrate on your work, study without disturbing others besides you.
-Just 2 hours charging, you can use it about 7-15 days. Standby time is very long, energy-saving features, automatic sleep mode and wake-up mode are installed to save energy. Turn off the mouse LED light when not in use to save power.

NOTE: If your computer is Type-C port, you need to insert the Type-C adapter into the computer first and then insert the USB receiver into the Type-C adapter

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