Sound Bar is a type of computer speaker that is designed to provide an enhanced audio experience for desktop computers, laptops, or other devices that support audio output. These speakers are designed to be powered by a USB connection and connect to your device using a standard 3.5mm audio cable or via Bluetooth.

One of the notable features of the USB Wired Bluetooth Computer Sound Bar is its versatility. It allows you to connect to your device either through a wired connection or via Bluetooth, giving you the flexibility to switch between different devices easily.

In terms of sound quality, the USB Wired Bluetooth Computer Sound Bar has a 2.0 speaker configuration, which means it consists of two speakers without a separate subwoofer. The speakers have a combined output power of 10 watts RMS, which should provide a decent level of volume and clarity for basic desktop use cases.

Another advantage of the USB Wired Bluetooth Computer Sound Bar is its compact and slim design. The sound bar is designed to be placed below your computer monitor, which can help save desk space and provide a more streamlined appearance.

Overall, the USB Wired Bluetooth Computer Sound Bar can be a good choice for those looking for a versatile and affordable pair of desktop speakers for basic use. The ability to connect via a wired connection or Bluetooth makes it easy to switch between different devices, and the sound bar design can provide a more streamlined appearance for your desktop setup.

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Product Description

Desktop PC Wireless bluetooth Speaker 4 Uints 4D Stereo Thick Bass Subwoofer Full-Range Mini Soundbar AUX & Bluetooth Speaker

-4 units sound: 2 speakers + 2 air ducts, 4D stereo volume, enjoy the cinematic shock, presents high-quality sound quality.
– Wired dual connection, built-in Bluetooth chip.
-Innovative independent volume knob design, turn to adjust the volume.

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