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*Rectangle Cast iron griddle, size measures 16.5 x 9 inch, with the smooth side and the ribbed side, The possibilities are endless to with dual cooking sides
*Made from cast iron and nonstick surface, masters heat distribution for the perfect sear that ensures quick effortless food release, eliminates the need for butter oil or cooking spray
*Convenient reversible sides. The smooth side is great for making grilled cheese sandwich, eggs pancakes. The ribbed side is perfect for grilling foods such as steak, fish, chicken hamburger
*Cast iron griddle heats up within a few mintunes, distributing the heat evenly, can be used over the campfire, gas or electric stove etc. Cast iron flat skillet is heat-safe at high temperatures up to 480°F
*Easy to clean and maintain, wash with hot water, dry, with cooking oil on towel and wipe all over it



A cast iron reversible griddle is a kitchen cookware item that is designed for cooking a wide range of foods, such as pancakes, eggs, bacon, burgers, grilled cheese, and vegetables. It is made from cast iron, which is known for its durability, heat retention, and even heating.

The griddle is reversible, which means it has a flat surface on one side and a ridged surface on the other. The flat surface is ideal for cooking foods that require a smooth cooking surface, while the ridged surface is great for searing meats and creating grill marks.The griddle is also versatile, as it can be used on a stovetop, grill, or in the oven. It can also be used on both gas and electric cooktops. One of the advantages of using a cast iron reversible griddle is that it allows for healthier cooking, as excess oil or fat can drain away from the food during cooking. Cast iron is also naturally non-stick, which means that it requires less oil or butter for cooking and is easy to clean.


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