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A fingerprint padlock is a type of lock that uses biometric technology to unlock. Instead of a traditional key or combination lock, a fingerprint padlock requires a registered fingerprint to grant access.

To use a fingerprint padlock, you first need to register your fingerprint with the lock. This is usually done by pressing your finger against the scanner on the lock several times, so the lock can store a digital record of your unique fingerprint.

Once your fingerprint is registered, you can use it to unlock the padlock. To do this, simply place your registered finger on the scanner, and the lock will compare the scanned fingerprint to the stored record. If the prints match, the lock will release, and you can open it.

Fingerprint padlocks are commonly used in situations where security is a concern, such as securing lockers, toolboxes, or bicycles. They can also be used for home security or to secure office cabinets.

One advantage of using a fingerprint padlock is that you don’t have to worry about carrying a key or remembering a combination. Additionally, because fingerprints are unique, the lock provides a high level of security and can prevent unauthorized access.





* AICase FINGERPRINT PADLOCK NO app,NO key,NO bluetooth.Friendly to kids and elderly,your finger is the key which discourages the thief to crack the code.Do not worry about losing the key or the password is known to the thief, because they can not get your finger. Please note: Any skin contact can open the lock in the factory mode,Please enter the administrator’s fingerprint according to Installation video before using.
*Security Lock for Locker and Portable –The fingerprint lock is made of zinc alloy,whether the padlock body or shackle.High toughness steel wire,seamless joint is great for anti- thief,anti-dust and anti-erosion.Gym lock is your best choice to protect your private property from thieves,The fingerprint lock is small and classic,just 90g,3*1.8*0.51in.
*Advanced Fingerprint Gym Lock and USB Rechargeable The lock locker adopts the advanced fingerprint identification chip ,Quick unlock in 0.5 seconds.It can collect 2 administrators and up to 10 fingerprints total,easy to hour for full charge,it can unlock more than 9,000 meaning 6-12 months you not worry itout of battery.
Wide Applications Easy to carry and widely used.For indoor and outdoor use, gym lockers, suitable for suitcases, golf bags, handbags, school lockers,furniture, wardrobes, bicycle and other goods that you want to protect.
*USB Charging/ 3.7V Rechargeable Lithium Battery
When the voltage is low, the padlock will remind you to charge.


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