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A wireless LED mouse with built-in Bluetooth (BT) and USB receiver is a type of computer mouse that allows you to connect to your computer without the use of cables or wires. Instead, it uses Bluetooth technology to connect wirelessly to your computer, which eliminates the need for a physical connection between the mouse and your computer.

To use a wireless LED mouse with built-in Bluetooth, you will need to have a Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a laptop or desktop computer, or a tablet or smartphone. You will also need to pair the mouse with your device, which involves following the manufacturer’s instructions for connecting the mouse to your computer or other device.

Once paired, you can use the wireless LED mouse just like you would use a traditional wired mouse. The LED feature provides a bright light that can be used to illuminate your workspace or to add a touch of style to your computer setup. The USB receiver that comes with the mouse can be used as a backup connection option, in case your device doesn’t have Bluetooth capabilities.

Overall, a wireless LED mouse with built-in Bluetooth and USB receiver can provide a convenient and efficient way to navigate your computer without being tethered to your desk by cables or wires. It is a great option for those who value portability and ease of use.

The battery life of a wireless LED mouse with built-in Bluetooth can vary depending on a few factors, such as the type of batteries used, the frequency of use, and the settings of the mouse. Generally, most wireless mice can last several months on a single set of batteries, but this can vary depending on usage patterns.

If you use the LED light feature of the mouse frequently, or if you use the mouse for long periods of time each day, the battery life may be shorter. Conversely, if you use the mouse infrequently or for shorter periods of time, the battery life may be longer.

To maximize battery life, you can adjust the power-saving settings of the mouse, such as the sleep mode, which will cause the mouse to go into a low-power state after a certain period of inactivity.



Led Wireless Mouse, rechargeable Bluetooth Slim Silent Mouse Adjustable for Notebook, PC, Laptop, Desktop,Android, Iphone, Ipad, Tablet

* This bluetooth wireless mouse adapt bluetooth 4.0, easy to pair and connect quickly. No more other port or receiver needed, easy to connect
*7 Colorful LED breathing light change alternately, soothing light lights up the mouse in dark, adds more fun to the life.
*Rechargeable Function it can be easily charged using the included USB cable without replacing the battery. Support charging while using, more energy saving and environmental protection.
*Mute Mouse – Noiseless Click
Silent button reduces 90% noises, which makes it an ideal wireless mouse for office, conference room, cafe, library, bedroom, help you concentrate on your work, study without disturbing others besides you.
*Just 2 hours charging, you can use it about 7-15 days. Standby time is very long, energy-saving features, automatic sleep mode and wake-up mode are installed to save energy. Turn off the mouse LED light when not in use to save power.


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