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A universal car roof rack is an accessory designed to provide additional storage space on the roof of a vehicle. It allows you to carry items such as luggage, sports equipment, bikes, kayaks, and more, without sacrificing interior space. Here are some key points about universal car roof racks:

  1. Compatibility: “Universal” roof racks are designed to fit a wide range of vehicles, regardless of make or model. They are adjustable and can be adapted to fit different roof shapes and sizes. However, there might still be variations in compatibility, so it’s important to check the specifications and guidelines provided by the manufacturer.
  2. Types of Roof Racks:
    • Crossbar Systems: Most universal roof racks consist of crossbars that run across the width of the roof. These are the foundation on which you can mount various types of carriers or cargo boxes.
    • Roof Rails: Some vehicles come with integrated roof rails that provide attachment points for accessories. Universal roof racks can often be fitted onto existing roof rails.
    • Naked Roof Systems: For vehicles without factory-installed roof rails, there are clamp-on roof racks that attach directly to the door frames or rain gutters.
  3. Installation: Universal roof racks usually require assembly and installation. They often come with adjustable clamps, brackets, and hardware to secure them to the roof of your vehicle. Some racks require tools for installation, while others have tool-free installation systems.
  4. Weight Capacity: The weight capacity of a roof rack varies depending on the model and design. It’s important to adhere to the weight limits specified by the manufacturer to ensure safe and stable transportation of your cargo.
  5. Accessories: Once you have the roof rack installed, you can attach various accessories to carry specific types of cargo, such as:
    • Cargo Boxes: Enclosed containers for luggage and gear, protecting items from the elements.
    • Bike Racks: Attachments to carry bicycles securely.
    • Kayak and Canoe Racks: Specialized carriers to transport watercraft.
    • Ski and Snowboard Racks: Designed to hold skis and snowboards securely.
    • Roof Baskets: Open-topped baskets for carrying bulkier items.
    • Cargo Nets and Straps: Used to secure items to the roof rack.
  6. Aerodynamics and Wind Noise: Depending on the design, roof racks can impact the aerodynamics of your vehicle. Some roof racks are designed with aerodynamic profiles to minimize wind resistance and noise during travel.
  7. Removal and Storage: Universal roof racks are often removable, allowing you to take them off when not in use. Some designs make it easier to remove and reattach the rack when needed.
  8. Caution and Considerations: When using a roof rack, be mindful of the additional height added to your vehicle, especially when entering spaces with low clearance. Additionally, the added weight on the roof can affect the vehicle’s center of gravity and handling, so drive cautiously, particularly in windy conditions.


  • [Aluminum Material]: Made of premium aluminum with solid ABS clamps, light weight and durable; 150lbs load capacity provide enough space for carrying surfboard, kayak, bike or any other cargo
  • [Reliable Safety]: Streamlined design makes it effective to minimize wind noise; heavy duty clamps for firmly fastening to your side rails ensures safety driving and carrying experience
  • [Easy Installation]: Direct clamp-on design with no drilling requirement, come with installation tools and instruction, easy to assemble and disassemble by yourself in a few minutes


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