VTECH VG101 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone

$ 31,00

The VTech VG101 DECT 6.0 is a cordless phone that operates on the DECT 6.0 frequency. It comes with a base unit and one handset and is expandable up to a total of five handsets using additional compatible VTech handsets.

The VG101 DECT 6.0 offers a range of up to 50 meters indoors and up to 300 meters outdoors, depending on the environmental factors. It has a large, easy-to-read display with adjustable contrast and backlight, and the handset is designed with an ergonomic shape for comfortable use.

The phone features a digital answering system that can record up to 14 minutes of messages. It also has a caller ID feature, and the ability to store up to 50 names and numbers in the phonebook.

The VG101 DECT 6.0 includes a range of useful features, such as a speakerphone, call waiting, and an intercom function between handsets. It also has a mute function, a redial button, and a battery backup that allows you to make and receive calls during power outages.

Overall, the VTech VG101 DECT 6.0 is a reliable and easy-to-use cordless phone that is suitable for both home and office use. Its expandability and range make it a great option for larger homes or businesses, and its digital answering system and caller ID features provide added convenience for users.



* Backlit Display & Keypad for Better Visibility – Blue-white backlit display and green backlit keypad for easier viewing and dialing in dim light. Handset displays the name, number, time and date of incoming calls.
* Speak & Hear simultaneously with Full-Duplex Speakerphone – Full-duplex handset speakerphone. Enjoy a speakerphone that can keep up with your calls. Increase participation by allowing both ends to speak – and be heard – at the same time for conversations that are more true to life.
* Easy access to essential features – One-touch volume control and mute button. You can silence your phone for a single call or for an extended period of time. When set to Quiet Mode, the handset and base ringers are disabled, so you’ll have one fewer interruptions in your busy home.
* Access phonebook & logs for quick calls – 30 names and numbers phonebook directory. 20 names and numbers caller ID records. 5 last called number records.
* Easy Wall Mount – Easy-to-Use wall mount capability – The base mounts easily to all of the standard wall mount plates. No additional bracket needed. Simply slide the base unit into the mounting plate using the built-in mounting holes.


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